Thursday, March 18, 2010

A quick "Kayla"ism

I love love love being a mom of 3 crazy little girls! We are never without laughter in this house... they certainly give me a lot of material to blog about. The twins happened to catch a stomach bug last night and was up most the night being sick. This morning they were wiped out and my normally rambunctious Kayla was pretty subdued, so I felt the need to blog about her...

One afternoon while allowing Kayla to make her own lunch I observed her being very generous with the peanut butter she was putting on her sandwich.

I say to her, "That's a lot of peanut butter for a little sandwich."

Without missing a beat she responds, "I'm a lot of little girl for this family!"

That about sums her up in a nutshell AND we wouldn't change it for the world!!!