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Not so Glamorous Side

This week I was given a really nice and unexpected compliment about my 3 little girls. My twins and I were attending Field Day at Juliann's School where she is finishing up 1st grade. I had the twins dressed in cute little sun dresses and OF COURSE matching hair bows.

A teacher who I had never met came up to me and told me I had "Stunning Daughters" and that I must hear this all the time. Well, I was a little taken back because I definitely think my girls are beautiful but you just don't hear the word "stunning" used when referring to children. I told her that as their mother, of course I thought they were beautiful. Her answer made me laugh when she said "Well, I have a little girl and I don't think she is all that". How do you respond to something like that?

I thought back on this conversation as we were camping this weekend and I looked at my "Stunning Daughters" with their dirty faces, windblown hair, and un-accessorized outfits and I thought what would this woman think about them now? But with their happy faces and big grins, I personally thought they had never looked more beautiful!!!

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A quick "Kayla"ism

I love love love being a mom of 3 crazy little girls! We are never without laughter in this house... they certainly give me a lot of material to blog about. The twins happened to catch a stomach bug last night and was up most the night being sick. This morning they were wiped out and my normally rambunctious Kayla was pretty subdued, so I felt the need to blog about her...

One afternoon while allowing Kayla to make her own lunch I observed her being very generous with the peanut butter she was putting on her sandwich.

I say to her, "That's a lot of peanut butter for a little sandwich."

Without missing a beat she responds, "I'm a lot of little girl for this family!"

That about sums her up in a nutshell AND we wouldn't change it for the world!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Out of the Mouths of my Babies!

Kayla (age 5): Conversation I overheard Kayla having with her sister... "The only place you can pick your nose is in the bathroom; because that's where mommy can't see you take your 'burger' out!"

Kenzie (at age 4): My husband and I were sitting outside on our deck one Summer evening, enjoying the company of our neighbors when the more sensible of our 3 children comes outside sobbing and looking completely defeated. After calming her down enough to understand her she finally tells us "I am not pretty! I have flat hair and I really really really need the BUMP IT!" She had apparently just watched the commercial for this hair accessory and was devastated to realize she had flat hair and that only big hair was considered "fashiony"!

Juliann (at age 5): Juliann comes home from Pre-K one day all proud and informs me she is a TROPHY! "A trophy?", I ask. "Yes, Christopher and Luke are going to have a race tomorrow at school and whoever wins gets ME, a trophy!" Needless to say, this sent me into a fit of giggles.

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Mommy, when we are all in Heaven can cowboys come up there too? asked by Kayla, age 5

Mommy, are you sure Kayla was not dropped on her head as a baby? asked by Juliann, age 7

Mommy, do I have to be a twin? asked by Kenzie, age 5

There are some moments in the day when I am speechless and have no answers for the varied and bizarre questions being thrown at me. And then there are the moments that take my breath away and makes me want to freeze time and keep my little girls from getting even a day older.
For every moment that I feel completely burnt out there are a million more moments that re-energize me and lets me know that I am exactly where I need and want to be.

God Bless Little Girls!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Motherhood such a "Blessing"?

I have been blessed with 3 little girls who I love and adore on most any day of the week. These blessings were bestowed upon me with 21 months. The Lord apparently had a sense of humor when he doubly "blessed" me with my twins. My girls are beautiful, funny, bright and at times the cause of my insanity! Juliann is my oldest at 7 years old and the twins Kayla and Kenzie are 5 (and a half, as they are quick to remind me).

When people think of twins they automatically think they are going to act the same or look the same, at least have some similarities. Such is not the case with mine. My Kenzie is "My Scarecrow". I gave her this nickname after watching The Wizard of Oz. When Dorothy says goodbye to her friends she says, "I think I will miss you the most Scarecrow." Kenzie is my tender-hearted, quiet, content with being by herself child. She is my budding artisit. She writes at almost the same level as her older sister and is starting to recognize her sight words.

And then there is Kayla.... she is my free spirit. As I am writing this she is putting a dress on her Ken doll and throwing him down the basement steps yelling "fly baby fly". She is the one who at the Dr's office will not cooperate during the eye exam. When prompted by the Dr. to tell him what letter he is pointing to on the eye chart she responds "what letter do you think it is?"

At age 3 she would not tell people her real name. She would go for weeks referring to herself as "Rollerskate" , "Eyeshadow", "Fishtank" or my all-time favorite "Princess Flower wearing dress and lots of makeup".

Kayla is definitely the one who is turning me and my husband grey. The one who was the main factor in deciding to wait a year to send the twins to kindergarten. And she is the one who reminds me so much of ME when I was little. So I guess my mom got her wish... for me to have a child just like I was! But you know what? I wouldn't change it for the world!!!

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My name is Brandy and I have an addiction...

Yes, it's true! Me, Brandy Cichocki, mother of 3, loving wife, Baptist, cheer coach, active member of the PTO, President of my Neighborhood Assoc. and Owner of 3 Little Giggles has an addiction and I am about to reveal it to the internet world. I am addicted to... Reality TV. And not just slightly, I am obsessed with it. You name it, I probably have it scheduled to be recorded on my DVR. As I am typing this I have this weeks Real Housewives of Orange County playing. BTW, loving the big hats ladies.

My most recent obsession is with Jersey Shore - OMG, I love every moment of that show. Hair poofs, fist pumping, Guidos, Guidettes and don't forget TGL (tanning, gym, laundry). I mean this show has it ALL! For all intents and purposes I should not love this show. I am a 35 year old, married, mother of 3 and seriously this show should not appeal to me BUT it so does.

My husband, God bless him, puts up with this obsession of mine but I think it's starting to get to him. Our DVR is 90% full and it's all my recordings and he has no room for his own. But my argument is, I do not make him sit and watch all these shows, I record them so we can watch his. And then I watch these late at night as I am up working on hairbows.

This is what is currently on my playlist:

Project Runway
Models of the Runway
Jersey Shore Reunion Show
Real Housewives of Orange County
Watch What Happens: Live
Toddlers and Tiaras
Millionaire Matchmaker
Little Miss Perfect
Biggest Loser: Couples
Chef Academy (the whole season, I haven't had a chance to watch it yet)
Tabatha's Salon Takeover
Food Network Challenge
Launch My Line

Hours and hours of mindless tv. It is my guilty pleasure and if loving it is wrong, I don't want to be right.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

An odd Holiday Tradition!

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE Christmas! Not necessarily actual Christmas day but the weeks (perhaps months) leading up to it. For me the Christmas season starts in October. I know as I am carving pumpkins, hauting the house and prepping Trick-or-Treat goodie bags that Christmas is just around the corner. My wonderful hubby knows that he soon will be dragging out the 2 dozen or so rubbermaid containers full of Christmas decorations; setting up the 2 inside trees as well as decking the halls outside.

One of my favorite, non-traditional activities is driving around looking at all the lights. BUT not just the classy all white displays or even the over-the-top color explosions. I get most excited when I see the homes that are all decked out in their Christmas best along with the their left-over Halloween displays. I mean seriously, I get all giddy and tingly when we drive past a lovely Nativity scene set up right next to a plastic glowing jack-o-lantern or seeing Jolly O' Saint Nicholas swaying in the breeze next to an inflatable Dracula. You have to appreciate those souls who think it is quite ok to walk right past their Halloween decor and set up their Christmas displays. My favorite is this one house who puts up a plastic pumpkin around their street light - very festive for All Hallows Eve and then for Christmas they place a bright red Santa hat on top of said pumpkin.

Now that we are in the second week of January I am sad to see most people have turned off their Christmas lights... not necessarily taken them down, but turned them off. :-(

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Hello World, I am entering the world of blogging.... wish me luck!